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Frequently Asked Questions


This page answers common questions that homeowners and renters ask at Indian Ridge Board of Directors' meetings. Click here to see an FAQ page on trash pickups and recycling.



Q: How can I hang the flag outside my property?

A: American flag display at Indian Ridge by residents is welcome throughout our community and must be flown with respect to U. S. Code, Title 36 chapter 10. This code information may be found in our rules, #38 and “additional information”.  The methods for mounting American flags are shown in these pictures.

Please note, use of invasive fasteners are not permitted.

Q: Where can I find the Master Deed?

A: Please click on this link for the Master Deed.

Q:How many homes does Indian Ridge contain?

A:300, in a mix of townhouses and garden-style homes


Q:In how many phases was the community constructed?

A:Five phases, beginning in 1983 and ending in 1986


Q:In which phase was my home built?

A:Phase I: 1-60
Phase II: 61-108
Phase III: 109-156
Phase IV: 157-210
Phase V: 211-300


Q:Who was the developer of Indian Ridge?

A:Indian Ridge Development Corp. (Michael and Ted Sullivan)


Q:How large is the community?

A:47 acres


Q:When was the Association turned over from the developer to the homeowner's association?



Q:What is the approximate age of the community?

A:built in the 1980’s.

43-33 years old 


Q:How do I communicate with the Condominium Association's Board of Directors or the property manager?

A:The adminstration page provides contact information.


Q:What is the monthly condominium fee?

A:See the administration page for a list of the fees.


Q:How can I get a key to my mailbox?

A:Contact a locksmith of your choice to have the lock changed. Post Office Locksmith of Lowell (978-453-6616) has performed this service for many residents.


Q:Can I change the locks on my home?

A:Yes, but management must be notified prior to the change.


Q:Who is responsible for the windows and doors?

A:Homeowners are responsible for the maintenance and replacement of their home's windows (glass, screens, and frames) and doors (including garage doors). Click here. for more information


Q:Who is responsible for the doorbell?

A:The Association is responsible only for the button, not the bell


Q:Who is responsible for the exterior lights attached to the building?

A:The homeowner


Q:Who is responsibility for chimney cleaning and repairs?

A:Homeowners are responsible for chimney cleaning, repairs to the damper, and for the installation of a reduced diameter flue for a better draft.


Q:Where can I find the clubhouse rules and guidelines?

A:You can find that information on the amenities page.


Q:What is the building carpentry/painting schedule?

A:This maintenance is on a five-year rotating schedule as follows:
Year 1: Homes 1-60
Year 2: Homes 61-120
Year 3: Homes 121-174
Year 4: Homes 175-234
Year 5: Homes 235-301 (clubhouse)


Q:How old are the roofs?

A:11 to 14 years old 


Q:Who do I tell about an exterior light that is burnt out?

A:Notify management and specify the exact location of the light post and its size


Q:Who is the insurance agent for the common area insurance coverage?

A:Fred C. Church Insurance (978-458-1865)


Q:My mortgage holder has asked for proof of insurance. How do I get proof of insurance?

A:You can order a certificate here. Click here for more insurance-related information.


Q:Who are the local utility companies?

A:National Grid (800-322-3223) for electricity
National Grid (800-548-8000) for gas
Verizon (800-870-9999) for telephone, internet, and cable service


Q:When is trash pick up?

A:On Wednesdays, except on some holiday weeks. See the trash and recycling page for complete details.


Q:Who pays for trash pick-up?

A:The Town of Tewksbury


Q:Are pets allowed?

A:Yes. See the pets page for information. Pet registration is required, using the pet registration form and a current photo of your pet.


Q:Where should my visitors park?

A:Guests may park in any designated visitor parking spaces. See the roads and parking page for information about parking at Indian Ridge.



Q:What brand and line of windows may I use for replacements?

A:See the home improvements page for information about replacing doors and windows. For additional information, contact Indian Ridge management at the clubhouse office or Property Management of Andover at 978-683-4101.


Q:Where can I get a new garage door that is approved for installation?

A:The approved vendor is Pelham Building Supply. See the home improvements page for information about replacing garage doors.


Q:Why is there a $200 charge for home refinance or sale closing papers (6D Certificate)?

A:The fee is for paper processing. Click here for more information.


Q:Is there a special assessment?



Q:Who are some of the suppliers approved by the Indian Ridge Association?

A:Several suppliers are discussed on the home improvements page.


Q:How can I obtain a copy of our condominium documents?

A:Condominium documents  may be found on this web site for your convenience.

If you want a hard copy forwarded to you, you may purchase a copy from Property Management of Andover for $60.


Expect a preparation time of at least two days.

Q:What do I do if my roof is leaking?

A:Contact management at the on-site office.


Q:What do I do if I have a plumbing backup or water leakage?

A:Call the management office for assistance


Q:Where do my kids wait for the school buses?

A:On Shawsheen Street.


Q:How can I connect with the local senior center?

A:Click here for information about the Tewksbury Senior Center.


Q:Who can I call for service /or maintenance needs on the exterior of my condo?

A:Contact management at 978-851-5597

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