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Trash and Recycling


This page provides the information you need to get rid of your trash and recyclables, while helping to limit the impact on the Indian Ridge grounds. Ensuring an orderly process is important to you and the community.

What You Need to Know About Pickups


The following list describes the rules regarding the pickup of trash and recyclable materials. They are in place to minimize the negative aesthetics that the process can cause and to conform to the requirements of the contractor, Republic Waste. Violations of these rules can result in fines from the association.

  • Trash pickups occur every Wednesday and recycling barrels are picked up on alternate Wednesdays.

  • When a designated holiday falls on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, pickups usually occur on the Thursday of that week. Click here to see the rescheduled pickup days. We are in the Red district.

  • Barrels and bins may not be put out for collection before 7:00 am on the collection day, and must be brought in before the end of the day.

  • Only Republic Waste barrels and matching blue recycling bins may be used. Bins are only available through management.

  • The collection system requires a 3-foot diameter surrounding the barrel to work. Place barrels away from overhanging tree branches. Do not place them on the grass areas.

  • Trash must be tied in plastic bags and placed in the barrel. Loose trash and barrel liners are prohibited.

  • Trash bags must not exceed the top of the barrel, and the barrel's lid must close tightly. Over-filled barrels will not be emptied.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click the following link to read the answers to frequently asked questions concerning trash pickups and recycling procedures and regulations:


Tewksbury Recycling

The followings links provide information about the Tewksbury recycling program. Several of the links take you to the Town of Tewksbury website. Remember, Indian Ridge is in the Red district:

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