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Parking and Driving at Indian Ridge


By following the rules and guidelines on parking and driving at Indian Ridge, drivers contribute to making the community safer for all residents.

Parking Guidelines:


Joggers and bicyclists use our roads, as do children, seniors, and dog walkers. That's why it's so important that you respect the speed bumps and limit your speed to 20 mph or less. Here are some guidelines:

  • Parking is forbidden in any areas not designated specifically for parking.

  • Guests who are staying longer than 15 days must park at the parking lot adjacent to 235-238 Apache Way.

  • Residents with a third vehicle are required to obtain a parking tag to park somewhere other than their garage and driveway. Parking tags are available through our on-site management office. A third-vehicle parking tag requires that three Indian Ridge valid registrations be presented.

  • The tennis court parking lot may be used only when a resident is playing tennis and has driven to the courts.

  • The clubhouse parking lot may be used only when a resident has rented the clubhouse for a function and only for the duration of that function.

A Brief History of Parking at Indian Ridge


Several years ago, Town of Tewksbury police and fire officials came to Indian Ridge to tell us that our roadways must remain free of vehicle parking. At that time, visitor parking was open to all and guests were parking in the street on nights and weekends.


They told us of incidents in which blocked streets had hindered emergency vehicles from passing.


Our only option was to enforce the by-laws that limit parking in the garage, driveway, and adjacent to the garages of garden-style homes.


We must make every effort to keep visitor parking free of resident parking. This enforcement is the only solution to a serious safety problem. It's not pleasant, and it's not easy, but our safety and the law enforcement request must come first. Thank your for your consideration.

Official IR Parking Rules and Regulations


Click the following link to open a printable copy of the condominium association's most recent parking rules and regulations .(effective March 1, 2010):

Condo association parking rules


Watch Your Speed on Indian Ridge Roads


One of the most common calls the property manager receives concerns speeding vehicles. For the safety of the community and the condition of your vehicle, slow down to a near stop at the speed bumps. The bumps are not kind to your vehicle. Please respect our request and keep your speed under 20 mph.

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