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Trash and Recycling FAQ


This page provides lists the answers to frequently asked questions about town and Indian Ridge policies regarding trash pickups and recycling.




Q:What do we do with trash that will not fit in the barrel?

A:Rubbish must be placed in the Town approved barrel. Rubbish may not be left for collection unless it is in the barrel. Additional barrels are available from the Town of Tewksbury for an initial fee and an annual service charge after that. Rubbish left outside the barrel will not be picked up. Barrels must be brought in by the end of collection day.


Q:Can we purchase an additional recycle bin?

A:Yes. Additional bins are available from Indian Ridge management.


Q:What can we place in the barrel?

A:All trash must be bagged. This keeps the barrel clean and odor-free. Bags can be made of any material, any size, and any color. Do not place any hazardous material in the bags, and recycle as much of your trash as you can. Items that should not be placed in the barrel include (but are not limited to) construction materials, tires, motor oil, paint, hot ashes, gasoline, hazardous materials, and yard waste.


Q:Who do the barrels belong to?

A:Barrels remain the property of the Town of Tewksbury and stay with the house when you move. They have a Tewksbury Town Seal and a serial number associated to a particular address. The association will mark your house number on the barrel. Do not deface the barrel in any other way. Each barrel comes with a five year warranty and all reasonable repairs will be made free of charge.


Q:Is there a charge for bulky items?

A:No. "Bulky" items, such as chairs, sofas, etc. require collection appointments, which you make by calling 800-442-9006. Place the items curbside on the date assigned by the contractor.


Q:What if I have a TV or an appliance?

A:Call Appliance Recyclers at 877-228-2898 or go to their web site,, to dispose of televisions, computer monitors, electronic appliances, white goods such as stoves and refrigerators, and similar items. Contact Appliance Recyclers for prices.

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