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Indian Ridge provides two tennis courts and an exercise room for residents. We also open the upper floor of the clubhouse for private affairs.

Using the Tennis Courts and Exercise Room


Use of the tennis courts and the exercise room at the clubhouse is available to all Indian Ridge residents. First-time users need to obtain a personal key from management at the clubhouse. A $25 refundable deposit is required for the key, which provides access to both the exercise room and the tennis courts.


The tennis courts provide lights for evening play. The dial timer for the lights is available at the right rear of the courts. The lights turn off automatically when the amount of time you specified expires, so be sure to set them for the amount of time you expect to play. If they turn off before you are finished, they'll need to cool down for about a half hour before they'll turn on again. ... And if your games end with time left on the lights, remember that manually turning them off is green friendly and cost efficient.


The tennis courts are to be used only for tennis. Roller skates, skateboards, bicycles and the like are forbidden; their use can harm the surface. A resident must be present whenever a court is in use.


The exercise room is located below the clubhouse. The entrance is at the rear of the building. The room offers a variety of weight training and exercise equipment. When using the exercise room, please keep the facility clean. Bring an additional pair of sneakers if you plan to use the treadmill. Sand and dirt will damage the machines' rollers.

Booking Functions at the Clubhouse


The Indian Ridge Clubhouse is available to residents for private functions for a fee of $145 and $50 security deposit. The rental fee facilitates the disinfection of the clubhouse after each function.

Contact the manager's office for additional information and to book an event. An additional fee may be levied if the facility is not booked two weeks prior to the event.

Click the following links to download the required forms to reserve the Clubhouse:


There is club house disinfection fee that is charged to each club house function host. The fee is divided equally between the function host and Indian Ridge Condominium Association.


Return one copy of the Clubhouse Rules and Regulations form to the manager's office, and retain a second copy to familiarize yourself with your obligations before, during, and at the end of the event.



Return the Reservation Request form to provide information about the event, such as the requested date, time, and number of guests.

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