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A Pet Friendly Community


For many of us, a home isn't complete without a pet, be it a cat, bird, fish, or dog. This page provides information for pet owners in the community

Help Keep Your Community Clean


Pet owners know the importance of keeping their pets healthy and clean. Well, the same holds true for the environment outside.

Although Indian Ridge has a reputation as a pet-friendly community, that friendliness wanes when owners and their pets fail to follow the rules when walking outdoors.


If you own a pet, please remember the pet regulations and make sure all residents and guests of your home abide by them. If you are aware of any resident who is in violation of these guidelines, please feel free to notify Amber or Jim in our management office.

Below are the pet regulations at Indian Ridge Condominiums, which all pet owners must abide by. Please remember that having a pet at Indian Ridge Condominiums is a privilege.

  • All pets must remain on a leash when outdoors. The leash must be held in hand at all times. No pet may at any time be outdoors unleashed.

  • Pets may not be tied outdoors.

  • Pets must be walked to the field grass areas to relieve themselves.

  • Owners must pick up after their pet at all times.

Indian Ridge Pet Rules

Section 30 of the Indian Ridge Rules and Regulations (March 2010) outlines resident requirements for their pets. You can read that section here:

“HOUSEHOLD PETS. Not more than one dog, cat, or other domestic animal may be kept in a unit. If a pet creates noise, the Board may request that the pet be removed from the Condominium complex, and the owner of the pet shall immediately comply with such request. Pets shall not be allowed to relieve themselves on walks, streets, sod or any landscaped areas. Owners must pick up after their pets. All dogs, when outdoors, must be leashed and accompanied by their owners. All pets shall be registered and inoculated as required by local law and registered at Indian Ridge Condominium Association. Owners will comply with the Town of Tewksbury Leash Law. Failure to comply with this rule will result in removal of the pet from Indian Ridge. Continual pet violations will result in the demand for removal of the pet from Indian Ridge.”

Town of Tewksbury's Dog Rules


The Town of Tewksbury, like most communities, specifies rules to regulate the actions of pets for the safety of its residents. To read the town's dog regulations, click the following link:

Town of Tewksbury Laws Relating to Dogs

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