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Improving Your Home


Replacing Your Garage Door

Is it time to replace your garage door? Replacing the original wood door with the new fibre glass door adds value your home, puts less strain on your door opener, and improves the aesthetics of the community. You will also see a difference inside your garage, by eliminating drafts and reducing outside noise.


The exclusive distributor of the new door is the Pelham Building Supply company (603-635-7555). The cost of a new door and its installation is approximately $750. Brown and green doors match our existing colors. Tan doors are permitted as replacements for the red and blue doors. They will be painted to match your building trim colors.


The cost of the replacement doors does not include a new garage door opener. However, you might want to consider making that change too. Current door openers provide a safety feature that protects children and pets from becoming trapped by a closing door. It does this by stopping and reversing when sensing a child or animal. The new openers also allow users to stop and reverse the opening or closing of the door with the remote controller.


New Door Painting: Homeowners who install a new entrance door or garage door that requires painting should contact the management office to make arrangements to have it painted.


Replacing Windows and Sliders

Window and slider replacements, specifically the Harvey brand Majesty line for windows and Anderson Window for sliders, are available through Wilmington Window and Door and through our site carpenter, John Gass (603-557-3065). Be aware that the hardware on all new doors must be shiny brass features. Details are available in the manager's office.

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