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News and Announcements


This page provides timely information for community residents from the Indian Ridge Board of Directors and property managers. We recommend that you check this page regularly.

Gas Grill Restrictions


The Town of Tewksbury is enforcing the state statute that restricts gas fueled grills or solids burning grills on decks and patios. Bottled gas may not be stored indoors at any time. Electric grills are permitted on decks and patios. Grills of any type may not be left on the common grounds, including the driveway, walks, grass or courtyards.

Parking Procedure


Residents are deeded two parking spaces, (one garage space and one space directly behind or across from the garage door, depending on parking lot design). Visitor parking is reserved for visitors. Residents are not permitted to use visitor parking spaces. In the event you own three vehicle registered to your Apache Way address, please contact management for direction.

Annual Meeting Web 


The 2024 Indian Ridge Condominium Association Annual Meeting will be held in April this year. The exact date will be announced in March.

Current Town Recycling Information Available


You probably received Tewksbury's latest recycling information, but if you misplaced it, you can read it and download it from the the Trash and Recycling page. The three-page information set includes the town's recycling calendar, recycling instructions, and a list of companies that provide services for materials the town does not pick up.

Ridge-O-Gram Newsletter


Property management periodically distributes Ridge-O-Gram newsletters via email to keep residents informed about important and general issues. The most recent newsletter is available below. As new newsletters are delivered, previous

newsletters are posted on the archive page.

Site Archive Available


Click here to access the site's Archive, which contains articles that are dated, but may still be of interest to some web site visitors.

Our Email Community


In this fast-paced electronic world, communication that depends on postal mail is rapidly falling by the wayside. The creation of this website, the Property Management of Andover website, and a robust email database gives us the means to keep you promptly informed about important community information.

Toward that end, we're asking Indian Ridge homeowners and renters to provide us with your email addresses.To do so, please print, fill out, and return the email notification below. It is important to specify the the types of information you want to receive via email. You can send the form to Property Management of Andover (see the Administration and Rules page for the address) or drop it off at the clubhouse mail slot:

 Email registration form

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