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Condo Insurance Coverage


It is critical that all homeowners purchase an HO6 insurance policy for your condominium. Your policy must include a loss assessment value of $10,000 for the association 's building casualty policy deductible. Homeowners will be billed for the first $10,000 in repair work. You need a minimum of $10,000.00 for building loss coverage and $10,000.00 for improvements.

Your H06 policy should also cover your personal property, personal liability, and re-location expenses required if your home becomes uninhabitable due to fire or a broken pipe.


Your policy should also cover any personal improvements you have made to your home. The insurance agency for Indian Ridge is the Fred C. Church Insurance Agency. The insurance carrier is

+ Insurance.


If your mortgage holder requests proof of insurance or a certificate of insurance, you must contact Fred C Church directly, at 978-458-1865.


You can also order a Certificate of Insurance at either of the following sites:

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