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Winter Weather Procedures


As New Englanders, we know our way well around winter weather. However, inside the Indian Ridge community, we need to be aware of a few procedures that help us get through the season with as few problems as possible. You can find many of those procedures here.

Deck Preparation and Shoveling


Because town-house decks have no roofs, which contributes to problems when snow begins to fall, owners and renters are required to remove personal property from your decks by the end of November. This includes planters and pots.


After every storm, decks must be shoveled to prevent water penetration though the exterior wall and into your home. This will occur if your deck is not shoveled.

Winterizing Compressors and Vents


To protect air conditioner compressors in the winter, owners may cover them using the manufacturer’s suggested covers. The use of trash bags as covers is not permitted.


Dryer vents and many of the new furnace installations vent the gas out through vents on the side of your house. They may be made of PVC and usually about 3 inches in diameter. The dryer vent usually has an angled cover with a vent flap.

Reducing Hassles When Snow Falls

By following these simple procedures, you can ensure a safe and effective winter environment for snow removal throughout the community:

  • Use your garage.

  • Move parked vehicles as soon as possible to allow for complete snow removal.

  • Park all second vehicles in the auxiliary lot adjacent to 235-256 Apache Way and the Clubhouse parking area (only when no functions are taking place). After the snow is removed from your area, move your vehicle back from these areas.

  • Garden Owners: If your vehicle is not parked in your garage or your second vehicle is not moved, you will be responsible for shoveling out your vehicle, not to mention the inconvenience you will cause everyone in your building. Plowing is made more difficult if all vehicles are not moved from these areas..

  • Townhouse Owners: If the snow removal crew is unable to plow your driveway due to a vehicle being parked there, the crew will not return to plow later in the day. This will then become your responsibility.

  • Prepare for some minimal nuisance snow shoveling on your part in front of garage doors, walkout doors, and such.

  • Watch for snow that backs up against the slider. Decks are limited common area. Remove snow from decks to relieve unnecessary weight and water penetration into your home. Structural damage will occur if water seeps in through your slider’s runners.

  • Avoid discussions with snow removal contractor so as to prevent any delays or cost increases.


Snow Removal Policies and Procedures


The following list describes the community's priorities and actions, as well as procedures to follow, when snow storms blow through:

  • The first and primary emphasis is to clear Apache Way and the main perimeters to allow people to go to work. Driveways are not plowed until after the snow stops falling.

  • Non-essential walks will be done as time permits, possibly the next day. One courtyard walk down will be cleared for emergency purposes only.

  • For safety reasons, townhouse residents are advised not to use their front (courtyard) entrances during the late fall and winter months. Courtyard stairs and walks are cleared only for emergency access and evacuation purposes. Rear entrances are maintained for
    day-to-day access.

  • All garden buildings will have ice melt or sand available at both the front and rear entrances. Residents should use the ice melt or sand as directed to keep the walks clear of ice. Be aware, however, that excessive use will damage the concrete.


Driveway Clearing Schedule for Coming Winter


Snow removal from driveways is completed on an alternating basis, with the plows starting at units 1 and 300 and working their way toward units 149 and 150 for the first storm. For the next storm, plowing will start at units 149 and 150 and work toward units 1 and 300.


The snow plowing crews will alternate this procedure for each storm thereafter.


Holiday Decorations


Holiday decorations may be displayed without the use of invasive fasteners on your deck or patio. Lights displayed though the interior side of windows and slides are affective holiday displays. Plants in the common areas may not be decorated. All decorations must be removed by January 9.

If storms are forecasted after the holiday, please remove the decorations before ice and snow arrive.

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